Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ryan gets to Make-A-Wish at Kingsisle

Recently, Kingsisle got a call from Make-A-Wish foundation. Make-A-Wish is a charity that lets children have a day doing something they have always wanted to and making their dreams come true. Kingsisle took part in the charity and Ryan had a great day out. Need I say more, the video explains it.

This heart warming video makes you realise how great Kingsisle is, and how many great people there are in the world.



Kingsisle has started a new week event called Shark Week!
This includes: a seven day rental mount in both games, for Wizard101, this will be a shark. But for Pirate101, it will be a hammerhead shark, which, of course, are both as awesome as each other.
Learn many new facts about sharks will you ride around the spiral on your shark, and of course, how fun whilst your riding at top speeds! Get your code at Wizard101 Website or Pirate101 Website.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Been awhile

Long time no see!

Hi, I have not posted on this blog since 2012, and I think I should give it another shot since my exams are done now. When I last had my blog, it had barely any views, I want to change that and bring another good blog for you all to read. I am English, and I play both versions of the game. Many people say that they do not like me because I am English, but I am going to ignore them. My old friend Mason Swiftblade (now known as Slothy Slothswiftblade) has finished blogging now, and now there are only two European bloggers.  Including me and another blog. All the others are American, I think that it could be time for another culture to come to the game.
So here I am, back on the blog. And I look forward to blogging over the summer holidays (which haven't even started for me yet) :-(  See you around the Spiral.

Imagination Brought To Life. ~ Blake ~ 

A few pictures of my questing: 
The ending of Avalon!

My Wyvern Mount

My Trees ... lol

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Wizards VS. Pirates Part 1

Hi! This is part one of Wizards VS. Pirates! Here it is ....

Colder, and colder it got. Winter was defiantly on it's way. The trees were stripped of their leaves, Autumn had already taken it's toll, all the trees where dead. Except the occasional evergreen. The boy, he was called Mark. He had ocean blue eyes that had a sparkle, his hair was chestnut brown and short and spiky. Mark was very lonely, his family was poor. He never had enough food, he gave his rations to his younger brother and sister. Yet his rations was very little and not enough to live on, he had no money for decent clothes. No one cared for him, his father had abandoned him when he was just six years old. Mark is now twelve and his mother is now single, with four children to look after. His mother works in a jewelry making factory, which is very dangerous. And makes very little money.

One night, Mark was sitting on the moonlit beach as the water was lapping onto the squelchy sand that sunk beneath your feet. He was quietly throwing pebbles into the water, when he felt a strong underground tremor. The waves started to shake violently, Wizard City plunged into darkness. It was if all life had been stolen, gone. All the wisps had disappeared, even the main power source, gone. The tremor hit again, the ground started to split. A fireball shot out of the ground, and exploded. People were running around screaming, a huge storm appeared. But what was strange, was that the wind was blowing towards the eye of the storm ... 

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wizard's VS. Pirates Introduction

Hi guys! This is the second post of my new blog Blake's Guide to the Spiral! Anyway I was heading off course, back to it! So I am telling you all that I am going to start to write a story based on Wizard's battling Pirates! But it is based around Wizard and Pirate101, and them battling for something which I cannot yet tell you! Good Luck Wizards AND Pirates!  

Monday, 29 October 2012

First Post

Hi! I'm Blake. This is the first post of the blog! I am looking forward to enjoying Wizard and Pirate101 with not just myself, but you guys too! Leave a comment on what you think of the blog so far, so I can make improvements and give you guys a better service :)
Happy Wizarding and good luck! 
                                                      -- Blake --